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What is gypsum?

gessoGypsum is a mineral product obtained by extraction, it is not combustible, not toxic, anti-allergic and it does not generate harmful inhalants agents as its manufacture simply requires the addition of water. Because of these properties/ characteristic, this material is highly compatible with the modern ecology.

The waste from its manufacturing (the production scraps) does not produce any form of pollution as it is disposed respecting the law Plaster products reinforced inside with jute, hemp, glass fiber or steel, are particularly suitable for long-lasting works because  they don’t go through dimensional changes subsequent to the installation.  Unlike other materials such as wood, polyurethane, polystyrene plaser products even after a long time from the installation don’t present damages at the joints.

Plaster Out


From the perfect synergy between research experiences, today we have Plaster Out, a strong and durable material, environmentally friendly, that allow us to overcame obstacles that seemed insurmountable using the gypsum. The Plaster Out has properties that enable it to withstand shocks in the interior and to withstand the action of atmospheric agents.

Plaster Out is the result of an accurate research that combines the quality of details with  several technical advantages. It can be made ​​with different structural systems, which confer it lightness for those applications as high as in the case of half frames, or heaviness, where required , if to be used for columns pedestals. Finally, significant detail, it is to be remembered that the Plaster Out can be defined with any painting technique and the final effect is always guaranteed.