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About Us


Stucchidea Iannini is a renowned specialist of plaster for having made it, first of all, a deep passion. The company designs and creates decorative plasters from 1963, when its founder, Luigi Iannini, has shaped the first ornamental elements. What we have done is we have developed several techniques in more than fifty years of experience to make cutting-edge products and to maintain the state-of-the-art of them, carrying on the handmade tradition. We are leader in the field of the decorative plasters thanks to our high standards and wide knowledge of the ancient art of molding which is materialized in the creation of products strictly handcrafted “Made in Italy”.

Each ornamental stucco is made with extreme attention to detail, in order to make any environment elegant and refined by invariably providing the excellent quality materials and graceful style, our rising star. Our company has first-class research and boasts a very accurate and dedicated implementation in all processing steps, from design to installation, carried out by our specialist staff, both in Italy and abroad, has given rise to many prestigious decorations. Results like these are possible because we avail ourselves of master craftsmen specialized in the production of plasters, for indoor and outdoor use, who are able to meet the specific requirements of each client, whether private or public authority. Our efficient sculptors, with patience and dedication, will develop tailor-made projects, preserving the classical tradition, but interpreting a modern version of it.

Ornamental plaster gives your house an elegance and grandeur style and amplifies the color choices.  Any simple room can be transformed into a grand and exclusive room. Both the antique furniture and the modern one get a chic touch. Our experienced craftsmen will recommend to you the best solution to shape your ideas and your dreams by customizing our services to your needs.

Our stucco give value

The design of plasters do not originate exclusively from the forms produced in series (ready-made products), but they can be modeled in many different ways, even from your own sketch, without neglecting aesthetics and efficiency.

Our designers will put at your service their professional skills, answering your expectations and shaping matter to make it functional to the environments for which the decorative elements are intended.

Another fundamental factor that will be meticulously planned is the careful organization of the transport and assembly of the decorative elements to any destination, in order to keep them in perfect condition and guarantee a final result up of the highest quality standards.

Particular attention must be focused on the art of renovation, well-known of our master craftsmen who carry these operations out by hand with the help of some technological instruments. It takes several stages: first, there has to be an assessment of the damage caused to the ornamental plasters, than, on the basis of that analysis, it is possible to study the most suitable option to the specific case.

The restoration operations may include cleaning, consolidation or integration. Evaluating each time the state of the decorative element, we alternate mechanical physical methods to chemical methods to this end. Depending on the damage suffered by ornamental plasters, these can be removed; require integrations with casts for reliefs or reconstructions performed with traditional methods of cohesion; find support, for example through the use of acrylic resin. It therefore seems clear it is essential that there be a careful and skillful restoration to preserve and restore the original state of the decoration itself.